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Reserved Pit Parking

2024 Reserved Pit Parking Renewals are now open.  If you had a spot in 2023 you have the first right of refusal for that spot in 2024.  If you would like to change from your 2023 spot to a different pit spot in 2024 that spot must be open, or you can get on the waiting list for non-renewed pit spots.

Spots are 24 feet wide and 85 feet long.

The price per spot is $225 for 2024!

Racers have until February 25th renew their Reserved Pit Spot for 2024.  On February 26th all non-renewed spots will be open to the public.

If you did not have a spot in 2023 and would like one for 2024.  You can send in your paperwork and we will put you on the waitlist for 2024 spots.

Reserved Pit Parking spots will be in effect for all JEGS ET Series events and Friday Night Bracket Test & Tunes.

Reserved Pit Parking Renewals Are Now Open!

Spots 144 thru 167 are first come, first serve during the JEGS ET Series.

Racers can reserve their pit spots a few different ways:

1. They can fill out the Form and email a picture of the form filled out.
2. Racers can download and fill out the form and scan it and email it to
3. Racers can fill out the form and bring it by the office from 9 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday.
4. Racers can fill out the form and mail it “Reserved Pit Parking” 2650 National Rd SW, Hebron OH 43025

LINK – 2024 Reserved Parking Form (pdf)

Spaces will be reviewed by management before any space is reserved. If you wish to pit with a group, it is recommended that you fill out one form for the group so that it can processed at the same time.

If you have any questions, please email or call the office at (740) 928-5706 ext. 25.

LINK – Reserved Parking Master List – Web (pdf)

NOTE: Map is NOT to Scale…
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