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Submitted by jasonm on Fri, 03/10/2023 - 11:13
National Trail Raceway

The JEGS ET Series returns in 2023 at National Trail Raceway for a 14-race series on 7 two-day race weekends. Classes will include racing in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, and Super Pro Motorcycle. Racers that choose to enter the points will count their 10 best finishes towards the season championship.

High School will compete on the 7 Saturdays of the JEGS ET Series weekends. High School racers will count all their 7 races.

Some of the changes for the 2023 Season:

  • Super Pro, Pro and Sportsman will be laddered when there are 16 racers or less left in competition, the ladders will be based on the reaction times of the previous round winners. Then drivers will be re-laddered each round based on reaction times from the winners in previous round. The ladders will be a Pro Ladder.
  • Sportsman is now 11.60 and slower (1/8th mile 7.35 and slower)
  • High School is now 11.60 and slower (1/8th mile 7.35 and slower)
  • Buyback Points will be in effect, racers will receive 5 points for every round win after buying back into the race.
  • Sunday JEGS ET Series Races will have no Time Trial for Super Pro, Pro or Sportsman. Those classes will go right into Round 1 of eliminations with buybacks being discounted for that day only.
  • Point Series Signups are now $40 with, $10 will go towards the end of the year payouts (ie. if 90 racers signup for points in Super Pro, $900 will be added to the end of the year payouts for Super Pro).
  • A racer is eligible for one bye run unless all remaining competitors have received a bye run in competition.

2023 General Regulations Click Here –>

2023 JEGS ET Series Rules Click Here –>

2023 Points Signup Form Click Here –>

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National Trail Raceway