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2021 Perfect Light Club

National Trail Raceway
The Hot Shot’s Secret Perfect Light Club is for any racer at any National Trail Raceway event that goes .000.  Racers must bring their timeslip to the tower to receive their limited edition Hot Shot’s Secret Perfect Light Club T-shirt and Decal.
Congratulations to all the current members of the Hot Shot’s Secret Perfect Light Club!

2021 Hot Shot’s Secret Perfect Light Club

4/19 Scott Hessler SPRO
4/19 John Parsons SPRO
4/23 Dana Thompson PRO
4/24 Buddy Jeffrey PRO
4/24 Richard Staats SPRO
4/24 Chris Mancini SPRO
4/24 Kenny Brown PRO
4/24 Tami Burgess SPRO
4/24 Madison Eager JR
4/24 Makenzae Eager JR
4/25 John Dersoon SPRO
4/25 Ryan Hoberg JR
4/25 Wally Braskett SPRO
4/25 Jack Green Sr SPRO
4/25 Sean Graham SPRO
4/25 Chris Wallin SPRO
4/25 Tyler French SPRO
4/25 Matt Obertanec PRO
4/25 Mitch Rowe SPRO
4/25 Tom Fredericks SPT
5/13 Janie Palm MC
5/13 Michael Dadio MC
5/15 Eric Ford MC
5/15 Phill Humphrey MC
5/21 Mike Shepherd SPRO
5/21 Nick Brown SPRO
5/21 Dewey Boggs SPRO
5/21 Chase Meade SPRO
5/21 Billy Strouse SPRO
5/21 Michael Ruark SPRO
5/21 Lori Abshire PRO
5/21 Louis Schilling SPRO
5/21 Chase Meade SPRO
5/21 Todd Altenbach PRO
5/21 Sean Robson SPRO
5/21 Andrew Waddle SPRO
5/22 Colton Graham SPRO
5/22 JD Goodlive SPRO
5/22 John Lawson PRO
5/22 Laura Trainer PRO
5/22 Ron Baisden SPRO
5/22 Michael Underwood SPRO
5/22 Jason Wheatcraft PRO
5/22 Jamey Runyon SPRO
5/22 Eric Bowman SPRO
5/22 Dwayne Gallolgy Q16
5/23 Ron Stayer Jr SPRO
5/23 Jim Helmick NSS
5/23 Rob Sellars SPRO
5/23 Shawn Pitts PRO
5/23 Lonnie Smith NSS
5/23 Greg Savage PRO
5/23 Christian Carsey SPRO

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