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Submitted by jasonm on Mon, 08/23/2021 - 15:32
National Trail Raceway

Here are the racers that have qualified for the 2021 National Trail Raceway ET Finals Team!  Please if you are unable to attend let me know ASAP.   We will be reaching out to everyone so we can get shirt sizes and such and get event info out to you.


All racers will need to make sure that your NHRA Memberships and Licenses are up to date.


Super Pro

Scott Hessler (ROC)

Michael Needham

Mickey Toombs

Caleb Ellison

Brett Tanzillo

Rick Bailey

Dan Sayres

Jason Toombs

Kyle Beavers

Jeff Higgins

Shawn Pitts

John Malaby

Colton Graham

Dave Askew

Michael Ruark

Nick Sheckelhoff



Scott Weisend (ROC)

Tyler Underwood

Shawn Pitts

Shane Weaver

Austin Kardules

Travis Gayheart

Mitch Williams

Kyle Beavers

John Whitmer

Alan Jarvis

Jason Newell

Craig Jarvis

Hollie Tanzillo

Dylan Spring



Hunter Wolfe (ROC)

Dylan Spring

Nate Long

Shawn Pitts

Tim Ruble

Chris Klein

Mitch Williams

Dustin Goodin

Jack Waldren

Terry McGee


Super Pro Motorcycle

Scott Sheppeard (ROC)

Mark Coulson

Dave Hill

Garreth Sheppeard

Bruce Sauer

Marshall Hutchinson


High School

Justin Sayers

Mario Cardamone