Uncaged PYOP Race

Saturday August 3rd – 4:30 PM to 11 PM

We’ve all raced here forever under the strict guidelines & rules Now it’s time to wreak havoc on one of Ohio’s largest tracks!!! This is THE FIRST TIME THE TRACK HAS BEEN RUN BACKWARDS!!!

Street race styled racing, Pour Your Own Puddle prep (no water).

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to race on this virgin surface & make history.

We would also like to welcome the Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing

Sponsored in part by Blue Collar brew Street Prep


Flashlight start
Off the trailer NO TEST PASSES
1/8th mile Heads up racing
Classes limited to 24 entries each….Don’t Delay, spots won’t last!!!
Pour Your Own Puddle (No water) touch the line ok, cross fully you lose
Chase is a race
Finish line has final say
Single burn out (get it right the first time)
First round call outs allowed BEFORE pairings are made

PM all Grudge races to get shout outs. All classes are paypal half up front to lock in spot

Small Tire Class:
1/8 mile
Any tire 28 x 10.50 or smaller non “W” tire
Anything with doors
No Sissy Sticks
$200 buy in 100% payout

Big Tire Class:
1/8 mile
Any tire bigger than a 28 x 10.50
Anything with doors
Sissy Sticks Allowed
$200 buy in 100% payout

Hard Tire Class:
We will be using the Hard Tire Racing Association Rules with a small change. Tires 275/60/R15 or Smaller Hard Tire Only, BF Goodrich Radial T/A, UTQG (Treadwear) “400+” only. Any front suspension, any rear suspension, any engine/power adder. Ballast must be attached to the structure of the car. 32 car field, .400 Pro Tree, No Time, 1/8th mile
$50 buy in 100% payout

Street Bike Class:
Street styled tire
Hand operated clutch
Run what you bring & hope its enough
$100 buy in 100% payout
Competitor Fees:
Tech Card $40 (Class Buy-ins extra)


See Info above for Fees &  Buyin Amounts.
Annual Season Permanent Number: $5


Adults $15
Children 11 and under: FREE
VIP Writsbands $25 (Startingline access)
$5 off for Seniors, Military & First Responders (With Valid ID)

event schedule

Gates Open at 4 pm
Racing at 5 pm
Concludes 12 am


  • Coming Up
  • Awards Banquet
  • Import Face Off
  • JEGS ET Series
  • NHRA Buckeye Nats

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