2020 NHRA ET Finals Results

Thank you to all the racers, crew members and families that made the trip to Indy for the 2020 NHRA Division 3 ET Finals.

We didn’t come home with the Team Championship trophy but a few of our racers parked in the Winner’s Circle.  Shawn Pitts is the 2020 NHRA Division 3 Sportsman Race of Champions Winner and Hunter Wolfe won the 2020 NHRA Division 3 High School Championship.  Scott Hessler was picked as best appearing Super Pro car and Mark Coulson was selected as the best appearing Super Pro Bike.

Here is how all of the racers finished at the 2020 ET Finals.

Super Pro – Austin Eveland Semi-Finals
Pro – Clair Reed 1st Round
Sportsman – Shawn Pitts Winner
Super Pro Bike – Mark Coulson 1st Round

5th – 45 Points

Scott Hessler – 6th round
Bill Webb – 5th round
Shawn Pitts – 3rd round
Michael Ruark – 3rd round
Austin Eveland – 3rd round
Cecil Abshire – 2nd round
Billy Rowe – 2nd round
Dave Askew – 2nd round
Jeff Spring – 2nd round
Chris Ruzicka – 1st round
Destiny Taylor – 1st round
Brett Tanzillo – 1st round
Rick Watson – 1st round
James Blamer – 1st round
Charlie Brown – 1st round
Andrew Waddle – 1st round
Nick Brown – 1st round
Chris Boyd – 1st round

Scott Weisend – 5th round
Shawn Pitts – 3rd round
Austin Eveland – 3rd round
Jamey Walker – 3rd round
Shawn Weaver – 2nd round
Clair Reed – 2nd round
Jonathon Chatman – 2nd round
Doug Hopkins – 2nd round
Jason Newell – 1st round
Rick Nihiser – 1st round
Brett Spring – 1st round
Jerrod Patterson – 1st round
Jeff Spring – 1st round
Dustin Goodin – 1st round

Terry McGee – 4th round
Shawn Pitts – 4th round
Mitch Williams – 2nd round
Brad Tanzillo – 2nd round
Jack Waldren – 1st round
Dustin Goodin – 1st round
Doug Thompson – 1st round

Bruce Sauer – 3rd round
Dave Hill – 2nd round
Mark Coulson – 2nd round
Tyler Lowe – 1st round
Marshall Hutchinson – 1st round

Hunter Wolfe – Winner
Dylan Spring – 1st round