Limited Test & Tune / Gamblers this Saturday & Sunday

National Trail Raceway will be having Limited Test & Tunes and Gamblers Races this Saturday and Sunday, May 23rd and 24th. In accordance with the county and state we are only permitted 100 racer entries and 2 crew members for each racer entry. No Spectators will be allowed on the property.
Racer entry will be $75 and that includes 2 crew member wristbands.
Race Entries will be live at 7 pm EST!
Link for Saturday Entries –>
Link for Sunday Entries –>
We understand that this is not a perfect situation, but it is only for the short term so that we can get open and get some cars down the track. We also are using these limits to show the county and state that racers, crew members and staff can safely social distance and protect the spread of COVID-19.
For this weekend’s Limited Test & Tunes we are only allowing racers to enter either Saturday or Sunday not both since we are limited to how many racer entries we can take, we want to give as many racers a chance at the track.
Here are the guidelines that will allow us to open this weekend.
• 100 Racer Entries that includes 2 crew members for each racer entry. CREW MEMBERS MUST ARRIVE WITH THE RACER IN THE SAME VEHICLE. NO EXCEPTIONS.
• All Entries will be online via pre-registration, that will go live at 7:00 EST, Thursday, May 21st.
• No Spectators at all.
• Any racer or crew member exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be immediately asked to leave.
• Racers and crew members who have any type of respirator illness are asked to stay home and not come to the track.
• Racers and crew members are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask or covering, but it is not mandatory.
• Racers should provide adequate PPE for themselves and for all their crew members.
• Race Control will be restricted access only and limited to essential staff.
• Only odd numbered lanes will be used, with even numbered lanes designated as social distance zones to provide adequate access between vehicles.
• Timeslip workers will wear a mask or face coverings and gloves for the distribution of time slips.
• Racers and crew members will not be allowed to congregate around the starting line area or the front of the tower. These areas are to be only used for crew members when their car is running. National Trail Raceway staff will be closely monitoring these areas for unauthorized gathering.
• Racers and crew members need to practice social distancing when not racing.
• The restrooms will be open. Racers and crew members need to practice social distancing in the restrooms as well. There will be hand sanitizing stations in the restrooms.
• The Pepsi machines on the East side of the Concession stands will be on and are full.
• There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.
• Racers and crew members are advised to bring their own hand sanitizer as well.
Once again please understand that these limitations and restrictions will allow us to open. If you feel that you cannot abide by these rules or don’t agree with them, please don’t come.
The schedule for both Saturday & Sunday
8 am Gates Open
9 am Testing
2 pm Gamblers Race 1st round (Classes Box/No Box Combined, Jr Dragster, Bikes if there is enough interest) $20 entry fee, 80% payout.
Testing will continue throughout Gamblers Race Eliminations