**Attention Racers**

We want to thank everyone for their patience throughout this whole COVID19 situation. We continue to see plans change daily as everything is still very fluid and we appreciate your continued support.
Most racers who have been to National Trail Raceway, have seen that some of the concrete seams on the racetrack have been coming apart for years. Last year with the amount of track prep that we did, some of those spots continued to get worse throughout the summer.
Our hopes were to get through one more season before needing to do the repair work, but this past weekend we started to get the track ready for our opening weekend and just dragging the track we saw that the damage from the past years of neglect needed to be repaired sooner than later.
Therefore, we have contracted Kurt Johnson of Total Venue Concepts and he will be doing the repair work beginning Monday, April 27.
“This is not something that we take lightly. We want to give the racers the best racing surface that we can and by doing the repairs we believe we can do that,” said Jay Livingston, owner and general manger of National Trail Raceway. “The worst scenario would be to not do the repairs now and then in the middle of the season have to do them and have that affect even more events.”
With the repair work taking place it will delay the start of our season by one week. We are also forced to cancel the Wednesday Night Test and Tune and the Nostalgia Series #1 race scheduled for May 6.
Our new opening date will be a limited test session scheduled for May 8, depending on potential restrictions from the state of Ohio and Licking County.