2020 Super Pro Bike Class Changes

For the 2020 Season we will be combining the Street Motorcycle class into the Super Pro Bike class for the JEGS ET Series. This move will allow the class to gather a larger bike count which in turn will help with the new 13 entry minimum for the payout.
There will only be one Bike class on the JEGS ET Series events. The class will get 2 qualifying runs and then be on a ladder for 1st round of eliminations.
We will be honoring the Street Motorcycle Gold Card in the Motorcycle class for the 2020 JEGS ET Series.
Here is the new payout for the Super Pro Bike class:
Win: $300
R/U: $125
Semi: $50
12 or less entries the payout will be 40/20/10/10
21 or more entries $100 will be added to Win
Entry $40
Buyback $20