2019 Pro Champion

In 2019, the JEGS ET Series Pro Champion, Austin Eveland, had what he considered a very memorable year. It started with a win early in the season and he never looked back after that. Austin and his crew had to fight tooth and nail during the season to clinch the Pro championship.
It is always a tough task when as the points leader, it always seems that every racer in the class wants to take the round win over you. Eveland experienced that week in and week out. By the end of the season, Eveland had 1 win, 1 runner-up and 1 semi-final appearance to his name. It was enough to win him the Pro Championship. Austin though would have some bad luck at the ET Finals when the motor in his camaro was destroyed in the first round of the Race of Champions ending his 2019 season.
“I wouldn’t be here without all the love and support of my crew and family. Bob, Misty, Dustin, Kayla, Alivia, Paisely, Holden, Frank and Karla Eveland. And of course, Shane and Sandy Weaver. All of them have helped me this year and kept me focused. I have also some great sponsors as well, Eveland’s Auto Sales, Scott Battery and Nationwide Auto Works. Winning a championship at Trails is a huge accomplishment. The racers here are some of the toughest in the division and it looks to get tougher each year and I look forward to racing all of them next year,” said Eveland.
As for the camaro, it has a brand-new Dart motor and is ready to go for 2020.
Congrats to Austin Eveland the 2019 JEGS Performance ET Series Pro Champion!
Photos by: Patrick Donahue


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