2020 Hot Shot’s Secret Perfect Light Club

The Hot Shot’s Secret Perfect Light Club is for any racer at any National Trail Raceway event that goes .000 (Drag Strip) or .0000 (Slot Cars) on the tree.  Racers must bring their timeslip to the tower to receive their limited edition Hot Shot’s Secret Perfect Light Club T-shirt and Decal.

Congratulations to all the current members of the Hot Shot’s Secret Perfect Light Club!


2020 Hot Shot’s Secret Perfect Light Club

01/12/20 Lucas Sowers Slot Car
01/17/20 Camron Kardules Slot Car
01/17/20 Steve Collier Slot Car
01/26/20 Mike Hundley Slot Car
01/26/20 Camron Kardules Slot Car
01/26/20 Chase Meade Slot Car
01/30/20 Connor Hess Slot Car
02/02/20 Chase Meade Slot Car
02/08/20 Chase Meade Slot Car
02/08/20 Michael Needham Slot Car
02/08/20 Bryce McCarren Slot Car
02/21/20 Ryan Gleghorn Slot Car
02/21/20 Tanner Williams Slot Car
02/23/20 Camron Kardules Slot Car
02/29/20 Clay Brown Slot Car
03/14/20 Lucas Sowers Slot Car
03/14/20 Lucas Sowers Slot Car
05/01/20 Jason Murray Slot Car
05/01/20 Doug Baker Slot Car
05/23/20 Mario Cardamone Jr. Dragster
05/23/20 Chris Hess Super Pro
05/23/20 Eric Bowman Super Pro
05/24/20 Dennis Meade Super Pro
05/31/20 Josh Allen Super Pro
05/31/20 Scott Weisend Pro
06/06/20 Mac Hedrick Super Pro
06/06/20 Daniel Waddle Super Pro
06/06/20 Laura Trainer Sportsman
06/06/20 Jessica Cameron Super Pro
06/07/20 Olivia Sheets Super Pro
06/07/20 Grace Rowe Super Pro
06/07/20 Jessica Cameron Super Pro
06/07/20 John Whitmer Pro
06/07/20 Mario Cardamone Jr. Dragster
06/12/20 Chris Hiser Slot Car
06/12/20 Jerry O'Hara Slot Car
06/19/20 Richard Staats Super Pro
06/20/20 Walter Fox Pro
06/20/20 Nathanael Stilwell Super Pro
06/20/20 Les Harris Pro
06/20/20 Riley Goodin Jr. Dragster
06/20/20 Craig Tackett Pro
06/20/20 Chris Ruzicka Q16
06/20/20 Mitch Rowe Super Pro
06/20/20 Tyler Edgar Super Pro
06/21/20 Ethan Kennedy Super Pror
06/21/20 Brett Tanzillo Super Pro
06/21/20 Austin Eveland Pro
06/21/20 Ethan Kennedy Super Pro
06/21/20 Jeff Spring Pro
06/21/20 Dave Hill Super Pro Bike
06/21/20 Shawn Pitts Pro
06/26/20 Michael Ruark Super Pro
06/26/20 Tami Burgess Super Pro
06/26/20 Jonathon Chatman Pro
06/26/20 Dennis Meade Super Pro
06/27/20 Ronnie Baisden Super Pro
06/28/20 Ron Baisden Super Pro
06/28/20 Austin Eveland Super Pro
06/28/20 Larry Houck Super Pro
06/28/20 Steve Collier Pro
07/03/20 Jimmy Halpin Jr. Dragster
07/03/20 Gage Blevens Jr. Dragster
07/04/20 Madison Ledbetter Jr. Dragster
07/04/20 Jenna Osborne Jr. Dragster
07/05/20 Koby Watson Jr. Dragster
07/05/20 Antonio Iocoangeli Jr. Dragster
07/05/20 Koby Watson Jr. Dragster
07/05/20 Peyton Jimenez Jr. Dragster
07/25/20 Dustin Goodin Sportsman
07/25/20 Dylan Spring Sportsman
07/25/20 Ernie Fox Pro
07/25/20 Carl James Super Pro
07/25/20 Jamey Walker Super Pro
07/25/20 Bruce Saue Super Pro Bike
07/25/20 Richard Staats Super Pro
07/25/20 Shane Weaver Pro
07/26/20 Hunter Wolfe Jr. Dragster
07/26/20 Ryan Dovenbarger Sportsman
07/26/20 Koby Watson Jr. Dragster
07/26/20 Billy Rowe Super Pror
07/26/20 Jack Fisk Super Pro
07/29/20 Tracy Fields Jr. Dragster
07/29/20 Tracy Fields Sr Sportsman
07/29/20 Scott McCoy Sportsman
08/01/20 Ron Baisden Super Pro
08/01/20 John Whitmer Pro
08/01/20 Dana Thompson Sportsman
08/02/20 Jack Fisk Super Pro
08/02/20 Jonathon Chatman Super Pro
08/02/20 Rick Watson Super Pro
08/02/20 Mickey Toombs Super Pro
08/07/20 Mitch Taylor Super Pro
08/07/20 Billy Rowe Super Pro
08/08/20 Nick Brown Super Pro
08/08/20 Jim Culp Pro
08/08/20 Robert Adkins Pro
08/08/20 Jim Solomon Super Pro
08/09/20 Doug Hopkins Pro
08/09/20 Laura Trainer Pro
08/09/20 Destiny Taylor Super Pro
08/09/20 Lee Newmeyer Super Pro
08/09/20 Jeff Caser Pro
08/09/20 Austin Kardulesr Pro
08/09/20 Dan Funk Super Pro
08/09/20 Jim Skinner Super Pro
08/09/20 Gwayne Honeycutt Super Pro
08/09/20 Destiny Taylor Super Pro
08/09/20 Ryan Norman Super Pro
08/21/20 Chris Hiser Pro
08/21/20 Michael Horn Pro
08/22/20 Richard Staats Super Pro
08/22/20 Chris Boyd Super Pro
08/22/20 Hunter Wolfe Jr Dragster
08/22/20 Jason Newell Pro
08/22/20 Jim Skinner Super Pro
08/22/20 Buddy Jeffrey Pro
08/22/20 Jarrod Patterson Pro
08/23/20 Robbie Seszko Super Pro
08/23/20 Doug Thompson Pro
08/23/20 Clair Reed Pro
08/23/20 Ryan Dovenbarger Sportsman
09/03/20 Tanner Williams Super Pro
09/03/20 Travis Gayheart Pro
09/03/20 Jack Foster Super Pro
09/03/20 Jeff Spring Super Pro
09/03/20 Jordan Arnold Super Pro
09/03/20 Garrett Griffith Super Pro
09/03/20 Terrell Thompson Super Pro
09/03/20 Marshall Groohs Super Pro
09/03/20 Daniel Sayers Super Pro
09/04/20 Mike Schoonover Super Pro
09/04/20 Steve Yonoikus Super Pro
09/04/20 Chad May Super Pro
09/04/20 Shaun Bemiller Pro
09/04/20 QJ Arnold Super Pro
09/05/20 Tanner Williams Super Pro
09/05/20 Rick Watson Super Pro
09/05/20 Jason Hill Super Pro
09/05/20 Mike Hoff Super Pro
09/05/20 Jamey Walker Super Pro
09/05/20 Brett Tanzillo Super Pro
09/05/20 Chris Mancini Super Pro
09/06/20 Art Cioffi Super Pro
09/06/20 Roger Taylor Super Pro
09/06/20 Dave Galati Super Pro
09/06/20 Ron Baisden Super Pro
09/06/20 Chris Ruzicka Super Pro
09/06/20 Derek Cline Super Pro
09/06/20 Danny Trainer Pro
09/06/20 Jason Hill Super Pro


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