Something New, Completely Different For 2020!

National Trail Raceway is bringing something completely different to Central Ohio in 2020. On Saturday Night, September 12th it will be the first ever Demolition Drag Race held at National Trail Raceway, the Hillbilly Nationals.

That night fans will be see something never been done before at National Trail Raceway. The rules are simple, the two vehicles must hit at least once after the 60ft mark and before the 1/8th mile to be a valid race. But that doesn’t mean they can’t hit more than once! Fans will get see who is left standing at the end of the night after all the carnage.

Here is a list of rules for the cars and the racing portion of the Hillbilly Nationals.

Hillbilly Nationals Demolition Drags Rules (Updated 1/28/20)


Car Rules

  1. Car Must be $1000 or under junker.
  2. No large SUVs permitted (ie suburbans, excursions, hummers, etc.)
  3. No 4x4s allowed for 2020
  4. Must have seat belts.
  5. No antifreeze, water ok.
  6. No Hybrids or electric cars.
  7. Driver’s side airbag must be removed.
  8. Driver Side Reinforcement required.
  9. All glass must be removed from vehicle.
  10. No additional “ram” structures allowed to be added to the car.
  11. No push bars/deflectors.
  12. Remove all loose items from vehicle and trunk.
  13. No Nitrous or Propane power adders.


Race Rules

  1. Full Faced Helmet Required
  2. Jacket, long pants and closed toe shoes required.
  3. Must sign event waiver to participate.
  4. 1/8th
  5. Vehicles must make contact at least 1 time between 60ft cone and finish line.
  6. No hitting driver’s door directly.
  7. No hitting of stationary vehicles.
  8. No driving towards the starting line, meaning must always be in a forward motion down the track.
  9. If you break a wheel or have a flat tire you must pull over to the wall.
  10. Vehicle driving slowly down against the wall is way of saying they are done with race. Do not strike!
  11. No passengers allowed.
  12. Must have a valid driver’s license.
  13. Must be 18 years old or older to compete
  14. Race Director has final say on all rules and judgements.
  15. You must pre-enter and submit a picture of your car.
  16. We are taking pre-entries of 100 vehicles.


Click here for PDF copy of the rules

The payout will be $500 to the Winner, $200 to the runner-up. It will be $40 tech card fee for all competitors. Adult Admission is $15, Kids 10 and Under are Free.

For more information please email Jason Murray at