National Trail Raceway 2019 Super Series

National Trail Raceway is bringing back the Super Series for 2019. The Super Series will include Super Street (10.90), Super Gas (9.90) and Super Comp (8.90). NHRA Rules will be in effect for the Super Series, excluding the weight limits on Super Street. Super Street racers will still be requiring full-bodied cars with full fenders, hood, grille, top, windshield and functional doors.

Racers will qualify and be laddered first round on a sportsman ladder (except for classes with 65 or more entries). Super Series dates will be April 27, April 28, June 15, June 16, July 20 and July 21.

Race Entry will be $100 per day, per class (except July 20 & 21). There will be $100 fee to enter the yearlong points, racers do not need to be entered in the points to compete at these events. Only a racer’s best 4 events will count towards the Championship).

For any questions regarding the Super Series please email

Click here for all the rules and payouts for the Super Series.