2019 Central Ohio Bracket Series Points Standings

National Trail Raceway and Pacemakers Dragway Park would like to announce the formation of the Central Ohio Bracket Series. This series will include events at National Trail Raceway and Pacemakers Dragway Park. National Trail Raceway will choose two JEGS ET Series events where racers will race for Central Ohio Bracket Racing Series points. Pacemakers will pick two Mazza’s Restaurant ET Series events that will count towards the Central Ohio Bracket Series points championship.

National Trail Raceway ET Series points will not be awarded at Pacemakers events and vice versa. The Central Ohio Bracket Series are separate from each track’s own points series.

There will be no separate points fee to enter the Central Ohio Bracket Series. Racers will still need to pay all applicable tech card and spectator fees that go along with racing at each track.

The racers with the most points after those 4 events will be crowned the 2019 Central Ohio Bracket Series Champions. Champions will receive a special trophy and championship jacket. Classes will include Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Motorcycle, Jr. Dragster (1 & 2 combined) and Jr. Dragster 3.

If you have any questions about the Central Ohio Bracket Series, please email jasonm@nationaltrail.com.


8 rounds: Win 115, R/U 104, 7th rd loss 93, 6th rd loss 82, 5th rd loss 71
7 rounds: Win 105, R/U 94, 6th rd loss 83, 5th rd loss 72, 4th rd loss 61
6 rounds: Win 95, R/U 84, 5th rd loss 73, 4th rd loss 62, 3rd rd loss 51
5 rounds: Win 85, R/U 74, 4th rd loss 63, 3rd loss 52, 2nd loss 41
4 rounds: Win 75, R/U 64, 3rd rd loss 53, 2nd loss 42, 1st rd loss 31
3 rounds: Win 65, R/U 54, 2nd rd loss 43, 1st rd loss 32
2 rounds: Win 55, R/U 44, 1st rd loss 33
1 round: Win 45, R/U 34

Click on each class to see current class points. If you seen an error or a problem, please email jasonm@nationaltrail.com

2019 Central Ohio Bracket Series (pdf)


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