2019 Annual Season Number & Points Signup


All Racers that plan on competing at National Trail Raceway will need to register a 2019 Annual Season Number with the track. If you don’t currently have a number, the track will issue you a number for the 2019 Season.

Once you have registered a 2019 Annual Season Number with National Trail Raceway you will receive a 2019 Annual Season Number Card that you will use each time you come to the track at the ticket gate to show that you have already purchased a number for 2019.

The fee for the 2019 Annual Season Number is $5. Racers with a current NHRA number will receive $5 in Trails Bucks at registration as a refund for the $5 fee. Trails Bucks can be used at the Finish-Line Store, Snack Bar and Pro Shop.

The Annual Season Number is only valid for the 2019 Season.

Special Events (ie. Ford Fever Classic, Hot Rod Happenin’, King of Columbus, GM Nationals, Mid-Ohio Street Car Challenge and Street Car Classic) the fee will be waived.

Please download, print and fill out the 2019 Annual Season Number Form and bring it with you to the track.

Click Here to Print 2019 Season Number & Points Signup Form (pdf)